India with Go Eat Give

Go Eat Give, a non-profit organization that brings tourists to an eye opening experience to the North of India. Reported by travelers, as impacting as sight seeing is, contact with small communities, hosted dinners, workshops with at underprivileged communities have brought to them an unforgettable experience.

Video produced, filmed, and edited by Amanda Villa-Lobos

The immortalized experience

An eye opening experience to the North of India with Go Eat Give.

 Video produced, filmed, and edited by Amanda Villa-Lobos.



Move On is a script that I wrote inspired on a short story about an old man who is having a garage sale. The reader ends up being curious, not really knowing why he was selling everything. This gave me space create a story. My script was picked to be produced as a class project.  

Evolution 2014

I envisioned this project as a critical response to the evolution of mankind.  The symbology behind the character’s act of sitting down is that in some way we regress because of bad use of things the modern world offers.  


GPB Promo 2015

Move On 2013

During my internship at GPB, I was given the oportunity to create a 30 seconds promotional piece that aired before and during a new season.  

Having interned with Go Eat Give by documenting a trip to India, my goal was to create an impactful promotional video through tourists feedback and getting the essentials of what this non-profit is about.